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6-Element Oils Books & CDs Chakra Oils
Inner Power Essential Oils Rubimed (Chavita & Emvita) Scalar Heart Connection

Soul Tools and Transforming Emotions

Natural Healing House has always identified health issues with disharmonious or negative emotions and beliefs, which interrupt the proper flow of energy in the meridian/organs system of our body. To address these issues, we provide books, CD's, essential oils, psychosomatic homeopathy, and emotional balancing sessions to expose patterns that lay dormant in the unconscious. It is important to understand the relation between Mind-Body-Spirit and how to overcome these connections that often hold us back from complete recovery of health and vitality.

6-Element Oils Books & CDs Chakra Oils
These 6-Element Spiritual
PhytoEssencing essential oil blends designed by Dr. Berkowsky offer
extra wide support and balance to the physical mental, emotional, and
spirit health level through balancing the elements in our bodies.
NHH Press specializes in publications on physical, mental, and emotional health. We offer our readers books that empower people and create change.
The 8 chakras are the basic interconnected vortices of Chi or Vital
Force which serve all parts of the body and facilitate the connection of
mind and body.
Inner Power Essential Oils Rubimed (Chavita & Emvita) Scalar Heart Connection
The component oils are precisely blended and balanced to create powerful
synergistic entities that can readily be acted upon by both the body's
biophysical and bioenergetic mechanisms.
Chavita and Emvita by Rubimed are Homeopathic Remedies from Switzerland that support the balancing of emotional and energetic blockages in the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical body.

Scalar Heart Connection utilizes the heart's innate knowing to help access subconscious beliefs and attitudes that hold us in limitation, preventing us from experiencing joy and inner connection.

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Scalar Heart Connection CD
Scalar Heart Connection CD
Our Price: $12.95

Scalar Heart Connection CD guides the listener to direct scalar energy, through intention, to go anywhere in the body that needs healing energy.