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Aloha Bay Candles Citronella Incense
Palm Wax Candles
Candle and Incense

Candles and incense are natural tools to crate our own peaceful and mindful moment. Natural Healing House offers a wide selection of natural and organic candles by Aloha Bay, Citronella Bee's Wax candles by Big Dipper and Nag Champa incense to support your body, mind and Spirit as well as being eco-friendly to our planet.
Aloha Bay Candles Citronella Incense
When you purchase an Eco Palm Wax candle from Aloha Bay, you know that you are buying the most eco-friendly candle on the planet.
Citronella candles are not just beautiful at night but their lemon (citron) scent of pure essential oil helps to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away so you and your loved ones can enjoy evenings watching sunsets or staring at the moon.
Scent is one of the most potent ways to access memories and emotions through the pineal gland. At Natural Healing House you can find a selection of organic and natural incense you can trust and create that special atmosphere where we let our Spirit flow.
Palm Wax Candles
Eco Palm Wax is a steam distilled essential oil that has therapeutic benefits just like our other naturally occurring essential oil scents. Palm wax candles come in a large variety unscented or with 100 % essential oils.
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