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All Brands Baby Food Bars & Snacks
Dried Fruit Energy Bars Gift Basket
Grains Granola & Cereal Hemp
Honey Nut Butter Nuts & Seeds
Oils Protein Powder Recipes
Salt & Seasonings Superfoods Sweetners
Teas Trail Mix
All Brands Baby Food Bars & Snacks
You can get your entire natural product shopping done in one place because you can trust what you find at Natural Healing House is real and natural.
Easy to carry in your purse or pocket, these lightweight but nutritious baby food is the perfect way to guaranty a wholesome meal for your baby without the hassle.
Natural Healing House offers a selection of the best healthy and nutritious snacks that not only are organic and gluten-free, but are also vegetarian, mostly raw , and low-glycemic.
Dried Fruit Energy Bars Gift Basket
Try our selected certified organic dried cranberries infused with apple juice, certified organic goji berries grown in the Tibetan Plateau, rich mulberries, sweet and tangy sultana raisins, Incan Berries or Golden berries full of rich nutritious antioxidants!
We love to carry energy or protein bars when we take a hike pretty much anywhere: the beach, the gym, the park or a yoga class and taste The Way of Nature.
Choose from our selection of healthy nuts, and superfoods healthy Gift Baskets, or the perfect gift basket for the new mom and baby with all organic products to take care of them. Find the perfect Teen Gift basket that teenagers will love!
Grains Granola & Cereal Hemp
We have selected the best organic and fair trade rice and quinoa we could find to guaranty health and taste. Try our variety of organic rice and quinoa and create your stunning dishes everybody loves!
We believe in perfect sweetness the way of nature and that is why Natural Healing House Selection of Organic Granolas are always a healthy natural treat for you and your little ones.
Try some of our delicious organic hemp seeds, or hemp oil in your salads, or add some organic hemp protein powder to you shake and super power your day!
Honey Nut Butter Nuts & Seeds
Raw, Organic honey the way Nature intended.
Nut Butters 100% Raw & Organic
Try our  selection of raw organic nuts and seeds always fresh, always nutritious,  and natural The Way of Nature.
Oils Protein Powder Recipes
We offer a selection of organic, raw and kosher hemp oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.
At Natural Healing House we carry a large selection of healthy, vegan, and whey protein, drinks and shakes to support your daily protein intake. Our natural protein shakes are gluten-free, non-GMO, and low-calories.
Natural recipes for a natural lifestyle.
Salt & Seasonings Superfoods Sweetners
Try our  selection of cooking mineral salts from Hawaii, Himalaya and the Mediterranean Sea. These are the best salts we use on the kitchen and add flavor to salads and fruits.
Suprfoods are perfect at supporting energy levels and stamina for those who like to stay fit, healthy and with vitality!
Organic liquid stevia with zero calories and with no after taste. Or if you rather choose from our favorite coconut or maple sugar crystals, all low calories and low glycemic index
Teas Trail Mix
Some of the best quality organic tea for discriminating tea drinkers around the globe.
Try our selection of raw organic nuts, seeds, berries, and superfoods in a variety of trail mixes by Natural Healing House
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Gift Basket Healthy Organic Vegan Superfoods Gift Basket by Natural Healing House
Our Price: $63.99
Organic Healthy Vegan Gift Basket

Buy Organic and Natural Foods Online and Get Them Delivered to Your Front Door

Selecting high-quality organic and natural foods is one of the best choices you can make for you and your family’s health. Because so many foods today are tainted with chemicals and filled with highly-processed, unhealthy ingredients, now is the time to make the switch and start eating organic foods. At Natural Healing House, you can buy organic food online and have it shipped right to your door. We offer a wide variety of natural, non-GMO foods that can help you reduce your exposure to harmful pollutants, increase your overall health and feel amazing! Because all of the organic foods that you see here are produced using sustainable, environmentally-friendly methods, you’ll also be doing your part to help protect our wonderful planet.

Natural Healing House is proud to be an online health food store that specializes in organic food delivery because we believe that being healthy and feeling great shouldn’t be a hassle. You’ll find good-for-you dried fruit, nuts and seeds, protein powders, grains, honey, nut butter, baby food and so much more. If you need healthy meal ideas, be sure to check out our recipes page. We offer fast shipping and free shipping on every order of $49 or more. Make a healthy choice today and live a healthier future.

*Disclaimer: All information presented by Natural Healing House® is for educational purposes only. The articles are not intended to substitute for a consultation with your physician. In case of medical questions (stress, anxiety, pain, etc.) or uncertainties, the reader is encouraged to seek the advice of his/her own physician or health care practitioner. The products listed have not been evaluated by the FDA and, therefore, cannot claim to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.