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All Brands Detoxification Emotions Enzymes
Essential Oils Fitness & Sports Herbs & Botanicals Homeopathic Remedies
Kids Light Therapy Mom & Baby Ointment, Salves & Gels
Probiotics Skin Care Supplements and Vitamins Weight Loss & Diet
All Brands Detoxification Emotions Enzymes
Only the Best of the Best for our healthy body!
We offer a variety of homeopathic, herbal formulas, and nutritional supplements to support proper detoxification and organ drainage.
Tools to help re-gain emotional balance and support transformation.
Find probiotics, enzymes, and immune system support supplements from the pioneering brands Desbio and Transformation Enzymes, and Premier Research Labs.
Essential Oils Fitness & Sports Herbs & Botanicals Homeopathic Remedies
PhytoEssencing system of essential oils developed by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky are therapeutic-grade essential oils were developed to encourage deep healing and are among the best essential oils available worldwide.
Select your favorite protein shake, complete fitness supplements and antioxidants knowing we have done the homework for you by finding selected brands that are the best of the best for a natural body.
Herbs & Botanicals from pure, organic sources.
Homeopathic remedies to help heal naturally.
Kids Light Therapy Mom & Baby Ointment, Salves & Gels
We offers a selection of high quality, natural remedies such as herbal tinctures, salves and ointments, homeopathic formulas and gels, safe and gentle for your angels.
FDA cleared for the treatment of pain, relief of muscle and joint aches,
sprains, back pain and the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.
We offer a special selection of organic and natural remedies specially
for mom and their babies so both go through growing and bonding with
strong health and vitality.
We offer a selection of Two Feather Herbal salve, Eagle Peak Herbal famous Ambrosia Skin and Scar Nectar, Cleansing Time Salve, Celeragesic for pain and Smart Silver Gel by DesBio, Sanum and Weleda ointments, and more.
Probiotics Skin Care Supplements and Vitamins Weight Loss & Diet
Find a wide selection of the best probiotics for your digestive tract.
Pure natural skin care formulas, organic and homeopathic, professional and holistic.
Natural Healing House carry a wide range of vitamin and mineral supplements by Premier Research Labs, Pure Encapsulations, NuMedica, and Desbio, all of which are trusted, high-quality brands that meet our rigorous standards for healthy, natural products.
We offer a variety of supplements for weight loss that complement your healthier-eating plan, can help boost energy levels, fire up your metabolism and ensure that you are receiving all of the essential nutrients your body needs to function at its best.

Natural Health Products and Herbal Remedies

Every day, more and more people realize how powerful natural remedies are for treating health issues. The tradition of using natural remedies is time tested, safe, and generally much gentler on your body than traditional Western medicine. At Natural Healing House, we strive to make quality, natural herbal remedies and natural health products available to anyone who is interested in exploring them, and we support the use of alternative medicines to treat a variety of health issues.

Homeopathy, detoxification and weight loss programs, probiotics, light therapy, and essential oils are just some of the natural health therapies and treatments that we endorse. All of the natural healing remedies we carry combine high-quality ingredients with excellent value, and providing our customers with the best products we can find is our passion. We offer products by highly respected brands, including Desbio, Desbio Omnicleanse, Soluna, NHH, Transformation Enzymes, Eagle Peak Herbals, Premier Research Labs, and Pleo Sanum, among others. Whether you want to strengthen your immune system, address a specific health issue, or embrace chemical- and cruelty-free skin care and beauty products, we have a safe, natural alternative to support you on your path toward total health and wellness. We offer free shipping on every order of $49 or more!