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Nestmann Pharma’s professional line of German complex homeopathics and herbal remedies are recognized for their outstanding quality and effectiveness in Europe for over 60 years. This reputation has prompted Nestmann to become known as the ‘drainage people’ in Europe.
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Adrenum (50 ml) by BioMed (Nestmann Pharma) Bio Boost (50 ml) by BioMed (Nestmann Pharma) Lymf-A-Drop (50 ml) by BioMed (Nestmann Pharma)
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Adrenum (50 ml) by BioMed (Nestmann Pharma) Bio Boost (50 ml) by BioMed Lymf-A-Drop (50 ml) by BioMed (Nestmann Pharma)
This formula works to revitalize and recharge the body’s energy levels naturally, it is effective for adrenal stress, adrenal fatigue, nerve weakness (neurasthenia), nervous exhaustion, weakness and collapse, debility, and mental depression. Bio Boost markedly increases the bactericidal activity of blood cells and has a beneficial effect on the complement properdin system. Bio Boost relieves symptoms of colds and can be particularly useful for the treatment of influenza, viral infections and recurrent infections of the respiratory and urinary tract. Lymf-A-Drop is a classic formula to detoxify the lymph, the blood, the extracellular matrix and connective tissues.