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PhytoEssencing Chakra Oils

"Matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant...When the spirit most closely approaches the physical earth, then we have the perception of fragrance."
Rudolf Steiner

The 8 chakras are the basic interconnected vortices of Chi or Vital Force which serve all parts of the body and facilitate the connection of mind and body. The chakras are conductors and regulators of bioenergetic flow within and among the physical and non-physical (i.e., emotional, mental, spiritual) dimensions of the organism. Thus, they represent an interface of matter and energy. Each individual's unique pattern of physical and emotional imbalance is a "snapshot" of what may be referred as the "idea" of the disease which emanates from a person's soul level and inhibits the full bonding of the spirit with the physical body.

The goal in Spiritual PhytoEssencing is to identify the pattern of deep psycho-spiritual themes which have a disharmonizing impact on the soul level. Subsequently, a combination of essential oils which correlates with these themes is formulated to act as a mirror-image of this "central disturbance," and so, serves as a customized response to the bioenergetic fingerprint of a deeply-ingrained pattern of imbalance. Harmonizing the bioenergy currents of the psycho-spiritual plane facilitates an altered state characterized by heightened awareness, receptivity, flexibility, objectivity and the illumination of life-choices. True healing can proceed only in this altered state.

Essential oils are both biochemical and bioenergetic entities. Hence, their chemical properties can be used to act upon the biophysical plane and/or their bioenergetic properties can be used to directly interact on the non-material energy plane with human bioenergy. The energy fields of these oils vibrate at a frequency high enough to achieve resonance with the dynamic, or energy, body of the organism.
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Chakra 1 & 2: Earth-Water Essence Chakra 3 & 4: Fire-Air Essence Chakra 5 & 6: Sound-Thought Essence Chakra 7 & 8: Light CosmicEssence
Our Price: $45.00
Our Price: $45.00
Our Price: $45.00
Our Price: $45.00

Chakra 1 and 2 Essential Oil Chakra 3 and 4 Chakra 5 and 6 Essential Oil Chakra 7 and 8
Chakra 1 & 2 Essential Oil to reset or balance the energy centers related to the root chakra (earth) and pelvis chakra (water).
Chakra 3 & 4 Essential Oil to reset or balance the energy centers related to the solar plexus chakra (fire) and heart chakra (air).
Chakra 5 & 6 Phytoessensing or essential oil can help to reset or balance the energy centers related to the throat chakra and pituitary gland.
Chakra 7 & 8 Essential Oil to reset or balance the energy centers related to the crown chakra and the center above.
Full Set Chakra PhytoEssencing Oils Master Chakra Blend
Our Price: $191.25
Our Price: $45.00
Full Set Chakra Blends Essentail Oil Master Chakra Blend Essential Oil
Full Set Chakra Oils contains 5 pure essential oil blends you can use to re-balance all chakras or energy centers.
Master Chakra Blend can help to rebalance all ckakra system. It works like rescue remedy in states of chronich or state of energetic chaos.